Overwatch Cosplay = Overly Amazing

Overwatch cosplays have taken over conventions since the release of the game. Overwatch characters have clearly become some of the most popular characters to cosplay. With the large amount of overwatch characters being cosplayed it’s hard to believe that there are any that stand out, but there are some who are mind blowingly fantastic. Here’s a few of them!

This Young Genji cosplayer who is as entertaining as he is talented

This Mercy cosplayer who will make you hope you need a heal

This Widowmaker who looks like she stepped right out of the game

This reaper cosplayer who has crazy talent

However, no cosplay can top any cosplay done by the cutest cosplayer of them all

There are so many amazing overwatch cosplays out there it’s mind blowing, theres no best and no worst they are all just so amazing!


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