Buying Cosplay Wigs; No Ebay Required

Nothing completes a cosplay quite like a good quality wig that is thick, shine-free, heat resistant and the perfect colour. The challenge comes when searching for the perfect wig, it isn’t an easy task, especially when going through the endless sea of Ebay praying you end up with a wig that looks like the picture. There are websites to save you from this trouble! Here are a few of the best!

Arda wigs, this one is a little pricey, however, Arda wigs is one of the best online wig stores, consistently selling high quality, thick, shine-free wigs in a huge assortment of styles and colours. This store is a store I will recommend to everyone!

Epic Cosplay Wigs, Again a little on the pricey side but worth it. These wigs are so thick soft and beautiful. They also range in a variety of styles and colours perfect for nearly every cosplay!

Cosplay Buzz.
This store is great for character specific wigs at a much lower price. These wigs are not as high quality as arda or epic cosplay, however, they are still great wigs that aren’t too shiny and are fairly thick. It’s a great store for cosplayers on a budget.

All Wigs

The Five Wits.
This store is a more lesser known store, however the wigs are amazing! Very thick, very soft, and not shiny at all! This store also specializes in character specific wigs to save you a little effort in the styling!

Now these aren’t the only websites that specialize in wigs, however these are my favourites! I always check these sites before braving the vast universe that is Ebay


WoW Cosplay That Will Make You Say “Wow!”

World of Warcraft is Blizzard’s most popular game, and with it come some very popular cosplays. However WoW characters are very detailed and heavily armored. This makes it hard to believe many people cosplay the characters, but when people do cosplay them, the end results: mind blowing cosplays.

This hand-designed Tarecgosa cosplay

This incredible, detailed druid night elf armor set


This high quality Death Wing cosplay

This amazing sindragosa cosplay


The amount of time and effort put into WoW cosplays is amazing. These cosplayers are some of the most talented.

Overwatch Cosplay = Overly Amazing

Overwatch cosplays have taken over conventions since the release of the game. Overwatch characters have clearly become some of the most popular characters to cosplay. With the large amount of overwatch characters being cosplayed it’s hard to believe that there are any that stand out, but there are some who are mind blowingly fantastic. Here’s a few of them!

This Young Genji cosplayer who is as entertaining as he is talented

This Mercy cosplayer who will make you hope you need a heal

This Widowmaker who looks like she stepped right out of the game

This reaper cosplayer who has crazy talent

However, no cosplay can top any cosplay done by the cutest cosplayer of them all

There are so many amazing overwatch cosplays out there it’s mind blowing, theres no best and no worst they are all just so amazing!

Canadian Cosplayers as Good as American Cosplayers

There are a lot of skilled cosplayers in the spotlight such as Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han, but most of the well known cosplayers are American. What about the highly skilled Canadian cosplayers? Here are a few of the best!

The very talented Stahli Cosplay

With amazing Blizzard cosplays Ashley Oshley

Artist and cosplayer alike, Gladzy Kei

One of my personal favourite cosplayers Depth Charge Cosplay

Cosplay Success, isn’t Without Some Struggle

Making costumes and going to conventions is a lot of fun. However, with this fun comes problems and what does a cosplayer do when something goes wrong? They share their hilarious cosplay mishaps on Twitter.

Problems like finding needles in unexpected places

Problems like the constant battle to keep your fabric flat when patterning

When your bobbin runs out and you don’t notice right away

And we cant forget the constant last minute all nighter the night before the con

So, basically cosplay isn’t all fun and glamour. Sewing isn’t an easy task but the final product makes all the struggles worthwhile.

Low budget? No Problem

Cosplay is known to be an expensive hobby whether you make your cosplay or buy it.

How do you make a cosplay on a low budget?

You get creative.

Scales made with fake nails and nail polish? Perfection

Who says you need to use fancy material to make a visor? Plastic bottles work just fine!

Not all budget cosplays have to be serious, make a humorous cosplay instead!

[Photographer] Budget Bastion from NC Comic Con. from cosplay

Japanese cosplayers proving that the dollar store is a gold-mine for cosplay materials.

In the end cosplay doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg! Just be creative and you can create great cosplays on low budgets. After all cosplay is all about having fun so don’t stress yourself out thinking you can only use high cost materials.

Furry Friends: Winning at Cosplay

Cosplay is a popular hobby in the geek community where people dress as their favourite characters. There are so many amazing cosplays out there, but what if i told you that the best cosplays are worn by pets? You’d probably agree because there is nothing quite as cute as seeing our furry friends looking like our favourite characters.

This “purr-fect” beast cosplay

This Jack Sparrow has a paw up on all of the competition

Hopping in is this extra fluffy Chewbacca cosplay who is ready for adventure

If thats not enough for you buzzfeed has a list of many more cosplaying pets including this adorable pug of thrones cosplay!

As you can see, pet cosplay is probably the greatest thing ever and is guaranteed to make anybody’s day.

Uncommon Cosplays: More like Amazing Cosplays

It is clear which characters are most popular in the cosplay community due to the frequency in which the characters are cosplayed. However, there are many great characters that you see very few cosplays of. But what happens when these characters are cosplayed? Amazingly unique cosplays is what.

Amazing cosplays like a lovable robot:


Bastion (Overwatch): By Mathoz Costumes

Amazing cosplays like a Valkyrie princess:


Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere): by Sorano Suzu

Amazing cosplays like an underwater guardian:


Zora (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess): by Lara Wegenaer Arts

In the end, don’t be afraid to cosplay uncommon characters. It might just turn out to be the coolest cosplay at the con!